The Story, The Name and the Label

Coyote in the Field"Wild Coyote" name simply comes from a pack of coyotes that hunt on our land before it became a vineyard. This combined with our greatest respect for all living beings (especially coyotes with so many colorful mythical traits) was the cornerstone of our trademark label.
Gianni’s appreciation for the Native American cultures, since childhood, has significantly impacted his life and spirit. He has become close friends with many tribes and natives, particularly with the Taos Pueblo Indians. His goal was to retire in Taos, but since it was not favorable for grape growing, he then decided to bring Taos to Paso Robles, so he can feel at home. Both Gianni & his wife Kati are artists at heart. Just about everything you’ll see on our site is designed and built by them. Their hand-prints are all over, from; design, architecture, construction, landscaping, interiors, stone sculpture, pottery, painting, etc. “It is all about labor of love for the things we are passionate about in life”.