Feb 2017 Newsletter

Here Comes Spring...
Your Friends at Wild Coyote Winery & Manucci Spirits

We are ready for spring by kicking off the year with our new 2015 vintage release, and I hope you are ready too. The Club shipments will begin going out early next week, and our pick ups will be ready then too. As always, we recommend allowing 30-60 days for bottle shock, preferably one year, if you can wait that long. Remember, we don't make grocery store wines with a short lifespan, our wines are premium quality and it deserves proper storage & aging to truly appreciate what it has to offer... 

New Vintage Release
We are starting to bottle our 2015 vintage this week. The drought has made our vines work harder than ever to produce stellar fruit, which is apparent in this vintage. The yields were lower but the grapes, spectacular! Our two different Club programs will receive one of the following two selections. If you haven't tried our Globals yet, we strongly urge you to do so. They are limited & sell out very fast! As our Winemaker (Gianni) says "to truly appreciate or judge our handcrafted work, one needs to first embrace all that we have to offer..."
Classic: Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot*, House-Of-Reds Blend
       Blend is now: Syrah, Zin & Mourvedre
       * Since Merlot was grafted to Cab (we'll ship 2013/2014 library Merlot)
Global: Mourvedre, Malbec, Tempranillo, Tannat
Wine Club Benefits

Membership Levels & Benefits:
Wild Coyote is still one of the first wineries to create a Wine Club program that rewards its members based on friendship/ loyalty and not $$ spent. Simply, the longer you stay friends of the winery, the higher discounts you'll receive.

  • Silver membership 20% (year 1-2)
  • Gold Membership 25% (years 3,4 & 5)
  • Platinum Membership 30% (years 6,7,8 & 9)
  • Lifetime Membership 35% (years 10+)
  • 20%-35% discount on existing and futures wines
  • 20% discount on our B&B rates
  • 20%-35% discount online wine new vintage purchases
  • 20%-35% discount at tasting room wine purchases
  • Discounts on special & limited vintages
  • Discounts on invitations to special events at the winery
  • No tasting fee (up to 2-guests)
Upcoming Events

March 17-19

Zin Festival Celebration
Join us for our Zinfandel vertical tasting; 2013, 2014 and the new 2015
Great time to catch up with our new distillery/spirits too... 

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April 8th

New Release Club BBQ Party & Pickup
Join us for a full day of BBQ fun, Pizza/Calzone from our Italian wood burning oven & tasting our new vintage release. Great time to meet other Coyote Club fans and catch up with Gianni & Kati...
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May 19th

Annual Wine Festival Weekend
Friday through Sunday, lots of activities throughout the region; food, wine & spirits, etc.
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Lodging Specials

As with the past years, over 60% of our B&B lodging were all Club or repeat guests. In spite of all the competition, our location continues to attract a different set of travellers looking for a unique experience & adventures.

We are still the only family owned hospitality operation that offers: 

> fully self-contained private Casitas on a 40-acre > mountaintop vineyard/winery views with hiking/walking trails > gourmet breakfast delivered to the room > bottle of our premium wine in each room > daily wine/spirit tasting reception > winery tour & barrel tasting > outdoor jacuzzi & fireplace > 20% Club discount > and more...

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Winemaker Dinners

March 17th

Zin Festival Celebration

A unique dining experience, mountaintop view, limited 18-guests only  See Menu

April 8th

Spring Celebration

A unique dining experience, mountaintop view, limited 18-guests only   See Menu

May 19th

Annual Wine Festival Celebration

A unique dining experience, mountaintop view, limited 18-guests only    See Menu
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