Club Newsletter

2016 Spring Club Newsletter / New Release
Our new 2014 vintage will be bottled & released on 1st week in March, followed by immediate shipment to our Club members. If you have had any changes since receiving your last Coyote Pack (credit card, shipping/billing, address, etc.) please call/email us ASAP... 
Here Is Our New Releases:
2014 Zinfandel - 15.1% ALC
2014 Syrah - 13.5% ALC
2014 Merlot - 13.1% ALC
2014 Blend "House of Reds" - 13.4% ALC
         (66% Syrah, 25% Merlot, 9% Zinfandel)
2014 Mourvedre - 13.7% ALC
2014 Malbec - 13.2% ALC
2014 Tempranillo - 14.9% ALC
2014 Tannant - 13.5% ALC
Coyote Pack Wine Options...
As a reminder, based on your Club sign up, you will be receiving one of these three options:
>  Classic Reds- 3x each: Syrah, Zinfandel, Merlot, House-Of-Reds (Blend)
>  Global Reds-  2x each of our Classics +
                      1x each of Tannat, Mourvedre, Malbec, Tempranillo

           Full Pack- 1-case shipment in March, Half pack 1/2-case every Mar.&Sep.
>  Sweet Reds-  Zinfandel Port
3-Bottles every Mar. & Sep.
Coyote Pack Pick Up Party BBQ
Please join us Saturday April 2, 2016 from 11-5 p.m. for our BBQ Pick Up Party.  We will be Roasting a goat-in-the-ground, then served taco style, plus other BBQ goodies for none meat eaters. Feel free to come early to see our pit's setup, while sipping on our new release phenomenal wines. Please RSVP soon.