Our Westside Paso Robles Distillery


Began operation under Wild Coyote Winery, which is family owned & operated by Gianni & Kati since 1995. Our initial production was mainly focused with our own 100% estate grapes (seven varietals) to produce the base Brandy, which we call the Sinful-7.


This Brandy spirits is made from the pomace (by product) of our quality estate grapes after fermentation. Grappa is a slow sipping, crystal clear spirit with an intense, layered, complex, undulated mouth-feel, resulting in a buttered pecan finish and warm after glow. Also available in a Single Oak Barrel Aged Grappa "more like Cognac style".


Our limoncello is handcrafted from generations old Italian recipe. It is an infusion of locally grown organic lemons' zest, steeped in our own distilled brandy. A shot of ice-cold limoncello is traditionally served as the perfect finish to a meal. Just chill the bottle and shake gently before serving."Innocent, Impish & Playful"
The warmth of the summer sun and soothing bright citrus may just transport you to the Amalfi Coast.


"All Natural Ingredients"
. For our infusions, patience is a virtue; handcrafted in every sense, they impart the beauty of their own individuality, drawing you in closer for a whisper or a scream... You decide. Here are some of our creations inspired by our friends & family members; Pomegranate, Star Anise, Espresso Coffee Beans, Habanero & Garlic.

Italian style serving... relax, sip and enjoy after a meal. American style... make a cocktail


11 am- 5 pm: Fri-Sun + by appointment (Click Here)
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